Ithaca Fantastik


2016 Winners

Best Film: Safe Neighborhood (Chris Peckover)

Best Director: André Øvredal (The Autopsy of Jane Doe)

Best Screenplay: Carson D. Mell (Another Evil)

Audience Award • Best Film: Safe Neighborhood (Chris Peckover)

Audience Award • Best Cinema Pur Film: She's Allergic To Cats (Michael Reich)

Audience Award • Best Short Film: The Tunnel (André Øvredal)

48-hour Film Challenge: Midnight Snack (Team Freeballin' • dir. Kevin Fermini)

2015 Winners

Best Film: The Survivalist (Stephen Fingleton)

Best Director: Nikias Chryssos (Der Bunker)

Best Screenplay: Andres Thomas Jensen (Men & Chicken)

Special Mention: Darling (Mickey Keating)

Audience Awards: Zoom (Pedro Morelli)

Best Short Film: The Mill At Calder’s End (Kevin McTurk)

48-hour Film Challenge: Static (Kevin Fermini)

2014 Winners

Best Film: Midnight Swim (Sarah A. Smith)

Best Director: Till Kleinert (Der Samourai)

Best Screenplay: Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead (Spring)

Special Mention: The Fives (Yeon-sik Jun)

Audience Awards: Time Lapse (Bradley King)

2013 Winners

Best Film: Why Don’t You Play in Hell (Sono Sion)

Best Director: Nothing Bad Can Happen (Katrin Gebbe)

Best Screenplay: OxV: The Manual (Darren Paul Fisher)

Special Mention: R100 (Hitoshi Matsumoto)

Audience Awards: Cheap Thrills (Evan L. Katz)

Best short film: Fool’s Day (Cody Blue Snider)

2012 Winners

Best Feature film: Wrong (Quentin Dupieux)

Best Screenplay: King of Pigs (Youn Sang-ho)

Best Special Effects: Inhuman resources (Dan Krige)

Audience award: Resolution (Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead)