Ithaca Fantastik

Cinema Concert

Blood of a Poet

Jean Cocteau • 1930 • France

Fri. Nov. 10 • 6pm • Cinemapolis

The first part of Jean Cocteau’s experimental Orphic Trilogy depicts an artist’s struggle to enjoy life despite the cruel world in which he is entrenched. Using the mechanisms of dreams and images adopted “from the great darkness of the human body” the film’s four parts pass through beautiful and disturbing landscapes as a succession of moving paintings one might discover while strolling through a modern art museum. Reminiscent of both Lewis Carroll and Luis Bu֘nuel, Cocteau’s surrealist masterpiece resonates with and speaks to a contemporary culture of disembodiment increasingly at odds with both identity and humanity.

The film will be presented with a live score composed and performed by local artist and Ithaca Fantastik alum, Anna Coogan (The Fall of the House of Usher, 2014). In a confined setting, the experience will perfectly capture the essence of Cocteau’s work. The IF cinema concert is an annual, original way to rediscover and re-experience historically relevant films. Put this on your your calendar as a not-to-be-missed event of this year’s festival!

Blood of a Poet