Ithaca Fantastik

Fantastik VR

Dinner Party

A. Manuel Soto / C. Stoudt / L. Wexler • Puerto Rico/USA • 13min

A couple tries to cope with the memory of their extraterrestrial abduction, seeking answers from an old tape recorder. Based on true events.

Meeting A Monster

Gabriela Arp • USA • 9min

A former white supremacist invites us to explore how the white power movement lured her in, and the encounters that led her back out.

We’re Still Here

Jesse Ayala • USA • 3min

Learn what it means to be “Two Spirit,” a cultural term for the fluidity of gender identity and sexuality with respect to traditional tribal roles across First Nations.

Campfire Creepers

Alexandre Aja • USA • 12min

Gather ‘round the fire at a Camp Coyote as kids take turns telling spooky tales. Produced by Oculus and Future Lighthouse.


Declan Dowling • 2018 • Ireland • 6min

Take on role of the Faoladh, a wolf-like guardian spirit determined to protect young Celt Ruairi from a bullish Viking raider.

Virtual Burly

Becky Lane • USA

It’s your own private show! Go on a seductive journey through the evolution of burlesque, exploring its impact on women’s sexual empowerment.