Ithaca Fantastik

Festival Favorites

Here Alone

Rob Blackhurst • US

Fri. Nov. 11 • 6pm • Cinemapolis

In the aftermath of a viral apocalypse, the world is inhabited only by the infected undead and even animals seem to have gone extinct. Ann, a woman left alone in the forest, forages for supplies accompanied only by a radio broadcasting a single transmission in French. Until she crosses paths with Chris and Olivia… In his debut feature, Rob Blackhurst taps into our primal fears and plays with our archencephalic instincts. Written by David Ebeltoft, Here Alone is cinema purified of all its unnecessary visual artifacts, the type of film we love to support at IF!

Followed by Q&A with writer David Ebeltoft.

Here Alone

Kammatti Paadam

Rajeev Ravi • India

Fri. Nov. 11 • 3:45pm • Cinemapolis

Krishnan, a security guard at an aging Bollywood studio, returns home to the slum village of Kammatti Padam after receiving a distress call from an old friend. Gang warfare has changed his hometown in the three decades of his absence, so Krishnan sets out on the nigh-impossible task of fighting corruption and defending his old friends. As the story unfolds in temporal vignettes, the three-hour running time disappears and we are reminded that Rajeev Ravi is a maestro in the genre!

Kammati Paadam

The Love Witch

Anna Biller • US

Thurs. Nov. 10 • 8pm • Cinemapolis

Elaine, a beautiful witch, seeks true love. She casts spells and concocts potions to seduce men, but seems to leave a string of hapless victims behind her. Then she falls hard for the rugged police detective who’s investigating her for murder. The Love Witch is striking to behold: the décor, costumes, and Elaine’s vintage beauty all recall Hollywood’s blazing Technicolor thrillers of the 60s. Anna Biller also nods to the lush, violent world of Giallo with her anti-heroine, prim princess and femme fatale all-in-one.

The Love Witch

The Master Cleanse

Bobby Miller • US

Sun. Nov. 13 • 6pm • Cinemapolis

After Paul is dumped at the altar by his fiancée, he sets out to the remote wilderness to participate in a spiritual retreat with other strangers. Their “purging” yields more than just emotions, however, as Paul’s body releases a physical manifestation of his inner turmoil. A combination of Cronenberg-style body horror and bittersweet vulnerability, this smart film doesn’t need to resort to a classic flashy climax in order to leave viewers emotionally satisfied.

The Master Cleanse