The Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival is excited to present a 70’s influenced VHS trailer contest! Filmmakers are asked to submit a faux film trailer for an imagined 1970s genre film. The winner will receive a prize sponsored by Magnet Releasing. Details below.

In 1971, visionary engineers Yuma Shiraishi and Shizuo Takano changed the face of home entertainment forever by developing the now infamous rectangular black box which history will remember as VHS. Despite fear and suspicion from the movie industry, VHS tapes spread like wildfire in the genre film community, and allowed fans around the world to have access to a much broader range of films, including underestimated gems and exploitation or banned films—all right at home on their CRT TVs. Still now, many collectors around the world worship VHS. At a time in which the rise of the ‘all digital’ has led to an outcry from many film lovers, this product of the analog era is getting more and more attention. Many young fans lament having missed the heyday of the peculiar and unforgettable phenomenon of VHS.

Well, fans, the folks at the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival hear you! The IIFFF VHS trailer contest is the chance for a new generation of filmmakers to show what they can do with the device and for the old timers to go back to their beloved format. Even more, it allows folks to imagine their very own film in one of the amazing genres of the 1970s. The contest asks you to produce a faux movie trailer in the spirit of those from the 70’s that made so many of us fall in love with genre films. Submissions should be three minutes or less, and we encourage you to be creative in picking one of the many fantastic genres of the 70’s—from Giallo to Slasher movies. We’ll pay particular attention to the ways in which films exhibit originality while also working within the canonical forms of the period. One last obvious detail: we’ll only take VHS submissions!

Magnet Releasing’s highly anticipated V/H/S will be available on VOD August 31st and in theatres October 5th

Deadline for submissions is November 1st, 2012.
Send us an e-mail and send your VHS at:

Cayuga Films
107 E Spencer St, Ithaca NY, 14850

Ithaca VHS Trailer Contest from Greth Productions on Vimeo.