Ithaca Fantastik


Ithaca Fantastik unveils final wave of inexorable and incredible programming for our 7th edition!

IF brings dread and mayhem to upstate NY with the the East Coast Premiere of the new restoration of berserk wild ride WHITE FIRE! And East Coast Premieres of Olivier Afonso’s GIRLS WITH BALLS, with Victor Danell’s THE UNTHINKABLE closing out the fest!

October 9th, 2018 - Ithaca Fantastik is proud to announce the last wave of programing for the 7th edition of our upstate NY celebration of genre film, electrifying music and dynamic art. Returning to our homebase at Cinemapolis, IF embarks on our 10-day event October 26–Nov 4.

We’re thrilled to bring our fest audience the breathtaking Swedish war drama THE UNTHINKABLE from Victor Danelland. Our 2018 program continues with the highly acclaimed and award-winning MY NAME IS MYEISHA by Gus Krieger and Daniel Goldhaber’s electrifying CAM. Notable IF alum Perry Blackshear returns following his 2015 psychological horror hit They Look Like People with an eerie and out-of-this-world fable THE RUSALKA!

Cinema Pur is back with one of our strongest vanguard-focused programs to date, adding Joel Potrykus’ latest niche nostalgia nerd-fest RELAXER and A.T. White’s spellbinding debut STARFISH—hands down one of the most beautiful and gripping fables we’ve seen this year.

Our TAKING THE PISS DOWN UNDER miniseries includes two of our favorite films of the year coming from the South East Pacific: BROTHER’S NEST, and MEGA TIME SQUAD. And what would Ithaca Fantastik be without a dose of gore and fun?! Get ready for the gruesome French insanity in Alfonso’s GIRLS WITH BALLS and the international festival midnighter darling, Ueda’s ONE CUT OF THE DEAD!

We’ll continue to go wild with four massive blocks of shorts: GASP! The Horror!, WTFantastik!, Light+/-Dark Shorts, and the very special Eyeslicer Halloween Special—a curation of the weirdest, wackiest, spookiest American indie shorts from NYC producers Dan Schoenbrun and Vanessa McDonnell.

While Halloween may come to an end halfway through the fest, we’ll be saving some tricks and treats for you, with Vinegar Syndrome’s ravishing restoration of RAW FORCE followed by the heisteriffic chainsaw fight that is WHITE FIRE. Then come revel in exploitation with the popular event DRUNKEN CINEMA!: A celebration of B-Movie filmmaking paired with a pint of beer—organized by our friends from Canada, now for the first time in New York State!

Ithaca Fantastik rounds out our final wave with a dive into AR/VR, inviting our bravest viewers to enter six chilling experiences, including the award-winning DINNER PARTY and Alexandre’s Aja’s CAMPFIRE CREEPERS.

We will see you there!