Ithaca Fantastik


Der Bunker, Love & Peace, Zoom, The Survivalist, Liza, The Fox Fairy, Polder and more!

November 11th to 15th, Cinemapolis/CSMA

This year the IIFFF will present 36 feature films spread across 10 different series and mini spotlights. Our team has endeavored to cover the vast diversity of what the fantastic genre has had to offer in 2015, all while continuing IIFFF’s guarantee of a unique film experience for everybody! We are really excited to open the festival with one of our festival favorites: LIZA, THE FOX FAIRY, a Hungarian dark comedy, mixing Japanese references with visuals Jeunet would be proud of, we think it’s the perfect way for anybody and everybody to dive into the Fantastic culture!

The latest additions to our international competition include Shion Sono’s LOVE & PEACE, which is a fantastic vision on fame, love and… Kaiju! The always mind-blowing Adrian Garcia Bogliano is back with SCHERZO DIABOLICO, a caustic take on modern society, and IIFFF alumni actor Pit Bukowski (Der Samourai, 2014) is back with the Fantastic Fest award-wining film DER BUNKER. Surfing on the edge of the genre, the masterfully intertwined live action/animation film ZOOM will blow your mind for sure, and two TriBeCa-acclaimed features, EMELIE and THE SURVIVALIST, will round out this year’s competition in an unimaginably exciting way!

The IIFFF team is really excited to unveil 2 mini series focused on video games, and low budget Japanese films. The latter – DIY in Japan – will include the sure-fire festival favorite, analog-oriented romance, HARUKO’S PARANORMAL LABORATORY, as well as the fanboy-infused, highly referential and hilarious USE THE EYEBALLS!. We will also make room for two out-there, video game-oriented films: MAN VS SNAKE: THE LONG AND TWISTED TALE OF NIBBLER, a documentary in the vein of KING OF KONG and POLDER, which offers an amazing take on virtual reality and its impact on society. Both are love letters to video games, and fit right in with what we’re looking for at IIFFF!

This year, Anna Coogan and festival alumni TZAR, will feature in the highly anticipated Cinema-Concert. Their original, live score on Jean Epstein’s haunting film, based on the Poe short story, THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER, will blow your mind!

The IIFFF is also reprising its art exhibition, this year featuring amazing artists Chet Zar and Paul Gerrard, among others. Chet, along with Mike Correll will be attendance to introduce the documentary, I LIKE TO PAINT MONSTERS! featuring Chet’s inspirational work. As part of this comic book-influenced side of the festival, we’re also looking forward to screening AD Calvo’s, TIFF selected THE MISSING GIRL, a character-driven story set around a comic book shop owner, which will be a treat for everyone.

And for the first time ever, the IIFFF have teamed up with two award winning artists; illustrator Steve Ellis and designer Steve Rovetti to produce a limited series poster (200 ex.) for the 40th anniversary of the jewel of our retrospective: Cronenberg’s SHIVERS. You can pre-order the print on the IIFFF website, starting October 18th. Check out the full line-up for Body Horror: Obsession with Body Modifications, sponsored by SHUDDER.

Don’t forget our film contests: FIFTEEN MINUTES (OR LESS) OF FAME, inspired by RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK: THE ADAPTATION and the 48 HOUR FILM CHALLENGE! Check out the rules!