Ithaca Fantastik

Short Films

Fantastik Shorts


Iron Spyder

Chris Mitchell & Yoav Lester • 10min

Blurring documentary and drama with a shade of comic book mythos, this short poetically captures a young wrestler’s emotions on fight night.

The Home

L. Gustavo Cooper • 8min

The Home tells the story of a young pregnant woman fighting for her sanity (and her unborn child) as an ancient evil descends on the convent.


Tim Egan • 10min

A girl wakes to find she is resting on a smooth, curved surface high above a pitch-black abyss. She must rely on the friction of her palms to climb back to safety. Beneath her, strange sounds emanate up from the darkness.

Vitamins for Life

Grier Dill • 2min

Vitamins For Life is an adaptation of a micro-fiction sci-fi series written in tweets by T.R. Darling (@quietpinetrees on Twitter). The “Lost Vitamins” series describes the effects of certain vitamins in our reality and beyond.

The Tunnel

André Øvredal • 12min

This sci-fi short follows a family in traffic on their way home after a day at the beach, but first they must pass through tunnel with a horrifying purpose.


Craig D. Foster • 9min

Ralph’s long day at the office just got longer, but he needs to get home before dark.


Alex Kavutskiy & Ariel Gardner • 10min

A man opens a door to a robot that has exceptional ability and intelligence, but he has only one thing on his mind.


Joe Zerull • 17min

A short film from the point of view of a recently decapitated head.

Death Metal

Chris McInroy • 5min

A metalhead inherits a satanic guitar that riffs to shreds.


Alberto Ordaz • 16min

In a dystopian future, three people traffic in a lethal new drug. Their actions take them into a downward spiral that has fatal consequences.

Long Form Short Films


The Backpage

Brandon Lescure • 30min

After a lovable loser is convinced to buy a ‘sensual massage’ from an ad in the back of a newspaper, he quickly learns the true cost of relaxation.

A Nearly Perfect Blue Sky

Quarxx • 36min

Somewhere between kidnapper and guardian angel lies Simon—a man who waits to finally escape the mud of everyday life with the aid of outsiders.

The Return of Mizuno

Hikaru Tsukuda • 40min

Psychic warriors, assassinations, and plot twists in this sci-fi action comedic thriller. Need we say more?

The Return of Mizuno

Inter Short Cuts

Do You See What I See

Justin McConnell & Serena Whitney • 14min • w/ Safe Neighborhood

During the Christmas season, two sisters throw a house party unaware that a deadly invader will be crashing the proceedings.


Jon Mikel Caballero • 10min • w/ Terror 5

Ash made a very important promise to his wife: To protect the house from any threat. But Ema’s father is not a hero, and protecting their home is not a sci-fi adventure.

Rise and Shine

Rob McKinley • 17min • w/ She's Allergic to Cats

A man begins to peel back the layers of his very existence and breaks through the constraints of his everyday life.

Black Ring

Hasan Can Dagli • 15min • w/ Alipato: The Very Brief Life of an Ember

A group of people organize a special event in an abandoned mansion.

The Parcel

Wilke Weermann • w/ Aloys

In a world, where it seems to be normal to be alone, Simon gets a package for his supposedly dead neighbor. This supernatural object's purpose seems to be driving him insane. After the neighbors are starting to stalk him, Simon realizes that there is a secret organization, which wants to destroy his life. So he starts his counter attack.


Mike Cheslik • 23min • w/ Nova Seed

The League of Interplanetary Process Servers' finest agent attempts to deliver 30 subpoenas throughout the universe in ten minutes.