Ithaca Fantastik

SHUDDER Presents

Mon Mon Mon Monsters

Giddens Ko • Taiwan

Fri. Nov. 3 • 11pm • Cinemapolis

Shu-Wei is constantly bullied by his classmates. After being framed for stealing at school, he is forced to perform community chores alongside his tormentors. Shu-Wei slowly gains acceptance into the group by joining them in their various misdeeds—until a botched burglary, a flesh-eating monster, and the immorality of society make him question everything.

Giddens Ko offers up a novel perspective on the complex subject of bullying at school by reversing the conceit of the monster film. MONSTERS prompts us to question our human behaviours by reflecting on our actions vís-a-vís the actions of ‘real’ monsters.

Mon Mon Mon Monsters